Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nesties Storage Solution

Tammie and I were recently discussing our choices for storing our nesties.  Seems like there are as many ways to store as there are nesties!  I tried to describe my cafe rod system to Tammie without much sucess.  So.........since a picture equals a 1000 words, here is my nestie (and EK punch) storage solution.  As  needed, I just add another rod and pile them on.  I packages are plastic CD cases.  There is/are strips of sticky back magnet on the cards for the nesties to stick to.  The original packaging picture is attached to the front of the CD cases along with the # of the nestie.
This method keeps them off of my desk but always right in front of me when I am trying to decide which die to use!  :)

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Tammie E said...

VERY cool! This is exactly what I was picturing when we were talking. Look how clean your workspace is!!! UGH...I'm buried under paper at the moment. Ha! Thanks for posting this, Gale!